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Intelligent Video Surveillance 1

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verwendenTemperatursensor, DRUCKSENSOR, Magnetsensor, Verbrauchssensor, Positionssensor, SCHWINGUNGSSENSOR, Geschwindigkeitsmesser, Feuchtigkeitssensor, Strahlensensor, Gassensor

PrinzipWiderstandssensor, Ultraschallsensor, Stromsensor, Hallsensor, Optischer Sensor, Induktivitätssensor, Kapazitätssensor

AusgabeWandler schalten, Analoger Sensor, Digitaler Sensor

VerstärkertypStandard, Wasserdicht, Optisch, Multifunktion, Infrarot, Vierkanal, Allgemeiner Zweck, Hochgeschwindigkeitserkennung, Analogausgang, Ausgabe überwachen, Einzelfunktion, Externe Eingabe, Flüssigkeitsstand, Timer-Funktion, Encoder Verstärker / Isolator, Faserverstärker, ATC-Ausgang, Draht sparen, Doppelausgang, Markieren Sie das Erkennen, Fernempfindlichkeit, Unzutreffend

JackDigital, KÖNNEN, Analog, SPI, Seriennummer, RS-232, RS-485, 2-Draht, I²C, UART, SPI, Unzutreffend

TechnologieResistiv, LVDT (Linearer variabler Differentialtransformator), FlipCore, Hall-Effekt, Magnetoresistiv, LVIT (linearer Wandler mit variabler Induktivität), Unzutreffend

EigenschaftenVerriegeln, Programmierbar, Spezieller Zweck, Omnipolarer Schalter, Unipolarer Schalter, Omnipolarer, unipolarer Schalter, Verriegelung, bipolarer Schalter, Unipolarer Schalter, Dual, Bipolarer Schalter, Dual, Verriegelung, Dual, Unzutreffend

AnwendungIndustrielle Automatisierung, Platinenhalterung, Unzutreffend

AusgabefunktionOverTemp, UnderTemp, / FanOut, / OverTemp, / Warnen, / OverTemp, VTemp, OverTemp, warnen, FanOn, / FanOut, / OverTemp, / Warn, OverTemp1, OverTemp2, VTemp, / UnderTemp, / OK, OverTemp, / Fehler, / OverTemp, PWM, / OverTemp, / UnderTemp, UnderTemp, /Ausschwärmen, / OverTemp, OverTemp, / OverTemp, OverTemp, / OverTemp, / Warnen, OverTemp, VTemp, OverTemp, / OverTemp, VTemp, / OverTemp1, / ​​OverTemp2, Unzutreffend

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I. Application of Intelligent Video Surveillance in the Prevention of Personal Injury

1.Safety helmet monitor

In the process of production, wearing safety helmet correctly is an important guarantee for personal safety, but to wear a safety helmet management has been a difficult for a long time. A real-time video detection and warning of safety helmet monitor could be applied to reduce the difficult.It can prevent in advance, monitor for ordinary,and take management afterwards.

Our company applies intelligent video directly to analyzing and deep learning neural network technology to realize real-time analysis, identification, tracking and alarm, real-time analysis and early warning of personnel activities and not wearing safety helmet for the people in the production district. Real-time warning of the dangerous behavior of not wearing a safety helmet, the alarm screenshots and videos are saved to the database forming a report, and the alarm information is pushed to the relevant management personnel. The alarm records, alarm screenshots and videos can be checked according to the time period.

intelligent video1 intelligent video2

Safety helmet monitoring system

(1) Real-time analysis, identification and early warning

The real-time video of monitor is used to recognize and detect the wearing of the safety helmet of the staff in real time, and the dangerous behavior of not wearing the safety helmet can be monitored and warned in real time. Alarm video and screenshots can be displayed on the client side. Audio and loudspeaker can be deployed on the spot to send alarm tips. According to the needs of users, alarm information can also be pushed to relevant managers to assist managers in production safety management.

(2) Alarm record storage

The safety helmet identification system can store the alarm screenshots and videos of not wearing the safety helmet into the server database in time, including time, place, alarm screenshots, alarm videos and so on forming report, which is convenient for personnel safety management.

(3) Quick check of alarm records

The efficient alarm record quick check function can check the warning records according to the time period, the behavior of not wearing the safety helmet in the monitoring area, and display the multiple records in a form, each record has the detailed alarm screenshot and video.

2. Access to hazardous areas

At present, video surveillance technology has been widely used in all aspects, but the traditional mobile detection and monitoring will video and alarm any small activity, resulting in a large number of redundancy, false positives, and reduce the alarm level.

Our company uses the intelligent video monitoring algorithm of area intrusion and cross-border detection to calibrate the dangerous area, take fixed-point fortification, which can set up targeted monitoring strategy for important areas and important boundaries, and realize more detailed monitoring and prevention. The monitoring behavior is detected, and make voice prompt to the personnel enter (enter by mistake) the dangerous area, which has made up the traditional movement detection insufficiency.

Our company's intelligent video surveillance has added the dynamic analysis function, which can have dynamic analysis to the designated area in the playback, have the retrieval to the personnel entering dangerous area, avoiding watch the entire playback.

II. Intelligent video surveillance for conveyors

Our company makes full use of computer vision, big data analysis technology to carry out intelligent identification and analysis of abnormal state of belt conveyor operation, such as coal pile at transfer point, foreign body on belt, belt deviation, coal position in coal bunker, belt speed, temperature, load, smoke, current, voltage and so on.

The identification and analysis results are pushed to the field operators by acousto-optic alarm, voice broadcast and mobile message, reminding them to deal with the abnormal state of coal pile, foreign body and deviation during belt conveyor operation, and pushing the alarm message of monitoring system screen to manager in the belt conveyor centralized control center on the ground.Take remote diagnosis to the abnormal state of belt speed, temperature, current voltage and so on, and adopt the remote diagnosis and repair according to the diagnosis result, instruct the field maintenance personnel to overhaul and send the after-sales engineer to deal with at field.

1.Coal pile identification at the head

Our company adopts the processing scheme of industrial camera and laser stripe, makes full use of the video tracking algorithm, and judges the current coal pile by detecting the edge shape of the laser stripe. To calibrate the alarm limits as required.

intelligent video3

Coal pile monitor at head by laser stripe

intelligent video4

Laser stripe shape of coal pile

2.Belt deviation identification

Our company adopts the processing scheme of industrial camera and laser stripe, the camera is installed above the upper belt and perpendicular to the belt. The laser stripe transmitter is also perpendicular to the belt, and the laser stripe covers the belt transverse and both sides of the roller at the same time. The position and shape of laser stripe deformation at belt and roller are analyzed by detecting the distance between each frame and the edge of the roller.

intelligent video5

Laser stripe detection of belt deviation

intelligent video6

3.Belt tear identification

Our company adopts the processing scheme of industrial camera and laser stripe, the camera gazing direction is the same as the belt running direction. By detecting different shapes of stripes to judge whether the belt is torn.

intelligent video7

Laser stripe when belt is torn

4.recognize the foreign body on the belt

A camera is installed in the middle of the belt and at the transfer point, and computer vision deep learning is used to train the model of recognizing the foreign body on the belt to recognize the real-time video data taken by the camera. To recognize the variety of foreign body such as plank, crosstie, scraper blade, rock bolt and the size of gangue according to the actual operation of the belt, When a foreign body that cannot pass through the transfer point or cause a hidden danger to the belt is recognized, the voice alarm along the belt and the monitoring center system monitoring screen alarm are triggered.

intelligent video8 intelligent video9

5.Smoke Flame Identification

Our company uses the four steps of multi-spectrum acquisition, background learning, feature extraction and intelligent identification to eliminate interference. It has response speed, anti-interference ability and achieves early-stage fire detection and warning.

Features of the system:

(1) Multi-spectral acquisition, super ability to prevent false alarm.

(2) Using intelligent algorithms to analyze flame frequency, shape, color, etc.

(3) Fire duty personnel can confirm the source of the fire and the cause of the fire.

6.Instrument alarm identification

Our company based on video analysis technology through intelligent algorithm to sample image filtering denoising, graphics enhancement, binary processing, edge detection, image segmentation, pointer recognition, numerical recognition, etc., to weaken the environmental factors and improve the accuracy of recognition. Automatic acquisition and on-line monitoring of instrument data are realized, and the burden of operators is effectively reduced.

Based on video analysis technology, our company uses intelligent algorithms to filter and denoise the sampled images, image enhancement, binarization, edge detection, image segmentation, pointer recognition, numerical value recognition, etc., to weaken environmental factors and improve recognition accuracy. Realize automatically collect and online monitor instrument data, effectively reducing the burden on operators.

intelligent video10

7.Equipment temperature monitoring

Our company adopts high-definition, intelligent, infrared thermal imaging technology, and uses infrared thermal imaging to perform 24-hour online temperature measurement of important equipment. Once the temperature is found to be out of limit, it can promptly alarm.

Any object constantly radiates infrared heat energy due to the movement of its own molecules, thus forming a certain temperature field on the surface of the object, commonly known as "thermal image". By receiving the infrared radiation emitted by the object, it can determine the temperature distribution and subtle thermal state changes on the surface of the object, and accurately reflect the internal and external heating conditions of the device. According to the characteristics of accuracy, real-time, fast and high reliability, It is very effective to discover hidden dangers of equipment.

intelligent video11

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